Who's working on Cryptomines?

The team behind the game is composed of a small group of friends who are experienced in Blockchain, networking, programming, game development, and the play-to-earn aspects of the current crypto market.
We saw the opportunity and the necessity to build a fun and amazing-looking NFT game that could help empower lower-income societies and improve blockchain technology adoption around the world.

Meet the Team

Founder and owner, Blockchain Developer, Game Developer, SRE.
Started developing software from a young age, fueled by his love for gaming and passion for the latest technologies.
Blockchain Developer - Game Developer
Robert's been developing games for more than 5 years and his expertise on Unity is one of the team's most valuable assets.
Game Advisor and Game design.
He's spearheading our new game mechanics, game design, and approach, he will also be helping us balance the game with all of our new updates and features to come.
Marketing and Tokenomics
He's in charge of every part of our marketing campaigns and he's also the point of contact for every partnership. He designed our tokenomics approach and will be helping with the economics of CryptoMines Reborn.
UI/UX Developer
Yurei's is a react developer within more of 5 years of experience, his passion for the ui development brings a very nice fresh air to cryptomines project.
Art Director
Nimu's one of the most ambitious and talented artists out there, he's helping the team set up for success with its amazing NFT's.
UI/UX Developer
His main goal is to update and improve the user's experience when playing the game, he has and will continue to deploy amazing Quality of life features for all users to enjoy.