Clash is one of our mini-games designed for you to have fun in the CryptoMines metaverse, as well being able to profit from these mini-games.

What is Clash?

Clash is a betting system where you will choose a contender carefully, these selected contenders will enter a 1v1 battle in which only one will emerge victorious. Be careful! It is not always the strongest, most popular or smartest that will emerge as the champion of the Clash.

How do I participate, and how do I benefit?

As this is a betting system you will have to buy tickets by betting on the contender of your choice. If your contender is chosen as the winner the opponent's rewards will be shared among all the winners. Your reward will be equal to the number of winning tickets you have purchased.

Clash Rooms

There are four types of Clash rooms. These rooms differentiate each other for their theme and their bet amounts. You can participate in each room separately.

Clash RoomThemeBet Amount

Fighting Club


10 DM per ticket

Racing Club


25 DM per ticket

Factions Wars


50 DM per ticket



100 DM per ticket

DM = Dark Matter.

Each Clash contends every 24 hours.

5% of the total collected amount goes back to the rewards pool.

Random algorithm and bot prevention

As we know, many people are trying to have an edge over average users. That's why we are very cautious and trying to babysit our users.

We have developed a custom random number generator off-chain, and with the help of Chainlink VRF we can deliver a trusted unpredictable random number.

This development is a big step on all our Metaverse because we can create mechanisms that allow our users to have a fair environment for their enjoyment.

On the winner selection algorithm we use modular arithmetic, this function allows us to "wrap around" when reaching a certain value, called the modulus.


Using this formula we are allowed to select a winner from a random seed generated by our off-chain processes.


We have set up a relayer account that is in charge of setting up the winner and storing it on blockchain.

Relayer Address: 0x478ec2a36c18b08dc1dc4dfe033c548b175657a0

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