What is the intention behind CryptoMines Reborn?

CryptoMines Reborn was born from the need of the CryptoMines Legacy development team to achieve a long-term NFT Play-To-Earn game that welcomes all the displaced CryptoMines Legacy players through our initial Staking system.

We also wish to reach a larger number of people who can obtain tangible in-game benefits, while being entertained and immersed in a Metaverse that will allow them to project themselves into the future within it.

How does Cryptomines Reborn aim to regain its glory?

With an attractive economic formula that takes into account all aspects of both the game and external aspects of the crypto market, we have managed to design an ecosystem where sustainability is the first priority, followed by the opportunity to obtain collectibles by taking advantage of Blockchain technology to make all your NFTs eternal.

Should I be concerned about the CRUX Price?

The price of cryptocurrencies is usually the first point of access, barrier, and the first sign of when to enter a Play-To-Earn project. Our economic formula allows to remove the concern of the time of entry to the project because you can easily know at which point of the economy you are entering, allowing you to bring not only sustainability but also stability and projection, this being the most difficult to achieve in any project in the Crypto world. We aim to achieve this with confidence at all times.

What risks are involved when entering the project?

People's trust is usually based on the risk related to entering a project against the benefit they can get from it, at the time of touching this topic some people might see it as something negative to be educated on this point, however, in CryptoMines Reborn we believe in freedom of information and at all times we will try to help our users to understand our vision and views by which all decisions are taken with full transparency.

That said, Risk is inherent in any kind of project and the non-adoption of the ideas proposed in this whitepaper is the best example of this. Furthermore, we always recommend reading all our announcements, FAQ, and constant updates where tips, features, and educational content will be provided to ensure that our players are aware of how Crypto works.

Why do all click-to-earn tokens die at some point?

The most delicate point in this whitepaper is an explanation that should be given as a way of transparency, educational, economic and a need of our community. We want to offer our point of view and opinion about it: both CryptoMines Legacy and CryptoMines Reborn come to revolutionize the Play-To-Earn space and with this same mentality, we feel the responsibility to pave a future in which all users can be participants of this Metaverse in the safest way possible. Within this security is to know the risks and make your decisions your own. The responsibility for the decisions taken will always be individual.

In the space of the NFT games, there are 2 terms to differentiate between games, Play-To-Earn or Click-To-Earn, although this differentiation is irrelevant since the economy that circulates functions in the same way in both cases. It works by bringing capital into the game in which all users expect to receive benefits from these acquisitions. When imagining the functioning of the economy, it is important to consider: If all participants get their money back, who makes a profit? the economics of play-to-earn games are inherently biased in that all participants expect to recover their investment and receive benefits, therefore, no matter how much gameplay they can provide it will be unsustainable over the years unless the returns on investment are large enough to capture a constant new influx of players intending to stay in the project, as well as trying to collect other sources of capital income to be able to pay off this constant debt that the project acquires as time goes by and more players start to generate benefits.

As a sustainability model for these previously presented problems, Reborn added its "Sustainability" section where you can see all our measures to combat these problems. It is important to remember that these measures only work if the debt that the game acquires is low enough to be solvent within these limitations, therefore, it is of vital importance for all projects in which any player wishes to enter to have a return time that allows for new development and different strategies to have an effect within the economy, or in short: A fairly long ROI.

Is it an ecosystem designed only for whales?

The game has been designed and tweaked for all kinds of players, from the minimum investment players to the whales.

That being said, the term Whale is seen with a negative light something that currently generates a lot of fear in the community due to lack of information and ignorance of the value these people provide to the economy. A game of the Play-To-Earn category by default will need a large capital for its launch, and the whales help to supply the capital needed for that initial growth that every token needs in order to be healthy in the eyes of the average user, apart from the visual factor that a token is on the rise (which will always be positive for the entry of more players), the whales contribute as much or more than an average player.

You may wonder how a whale can be positive for the ecosystem?

Well, first you have to take into account that in a healthy ecosystem there is not only one whale, but there should be multiple of them, and this allows the existence of Holders of the tokens that are not necessarily interested in withdrawing their profits in the short term, allowing growth and a healthy "floor" in the prices of the game tokens, which as mentioned before, helps to maintain confidence in the project.

But then we must also face the opposite effect that these have, when a whale sells his coins it is inevitable that the price of the token will decrease, as that person sold his position and decided to exit the project or take his relevant profits. On a normal occurrence, there is nothing wrong with this, as it allows a lower entry point for people who wish to "buy the dip" or "buy lower" with the point of speculating on the game currency, however, as mentioned several times in the paper, it is not the intention that the player should worry about the price of the tokens, as these exchanges, sales, and purchases of the currency directly feed the reward pool that is used to pay in tokens to the same players, thus allowing a symbiotic coexistence between whales and users.

All players are an important part of the ecosystem, and we aim to keep them all.

We can summarize the positive aspects of whales as follows: They raise the price of tokens, stabilize the price of tokens, provide large amounts of liquidity to the project, improve the capitalization of the project, they also generate large amounts of taxes to the reward pool and they fill the marketplace so that other players can enter without complexity barriers, among many other benefits that exist from keeping them in the ecosystem. Taking all this into account, do you consider it healthy to ban, or eliminate whales from the ecosystem? your answer may still be yes, and to that, we can only ask, do you think that a project in which people with more capital cannot enter will grow in the long term? We hope that this brief reflection on the subject may reflect our position on whales and how they should be treated in any ecosystem, it is vital that they provide the same or more benefits than they get from the platform, but always push it to improve.

How do you plan to cover all infrastructure costs and expenses?

Our monetization model proposed by CryptoMines Reborn will be a micro-collection model in transactions that are made within the game, this will allow covering important expenses such as infrastructure, servers, hosting, salaries, partnerships, liquidity, among other needs that will arise from each project. This charge will be individual in BNB and will be approximately 0.0008 BNB allowing us to take advantage of the number of players that the ecosystem has. By not keeping tokens for monetization of the team we will avoid in the long term a massive sale that could undermine confidence in the project.

We have noticed that the community is not entirely in agreement with this monetization model due to failures and abuses made by other projects. However, if it were the case that someone would even prefer that the monetization was from the native token and these coins were sold by the developers, the crisis, panic, and speculation generated every time the sale is announced and these transactions are made in the native currency would be unmanageable, and usually only serves to cause a snowball effect into the fall of any project.

Why are we replacing the Roadmap section?

Creating a Roadmap allows for market manipulation and speculation by large Cryptocurrency investors and analysts, therefore, we have decided to get rid of this section allowing developers to have more freedom along with a more stable ecosystem. Instead, regular announcements and updates will be made.

Why do I have to prepare my fleet before going on an expedition?

To increase the security of our expeditions we have added this two-step approach where we implemented an additional external security layer for the randomness of the player's dice, making all your expeditions completely random and ensuring that all explorers are under the same rules.

Why do we make changes and adjust values?

The main premise that governs CryptoMines Reborn is sustainability, under this premise constant monitoring will be maintained to ensure that expectations of the game are met. For this reason, values, timings, and mechanics will be adjusted according to the Metaverse needs in order to thrive.

This allows the project to be even more sustainable in the long term while ensuring that all players have the security that their interests are aligned with the project and achieve a bond of trust where everyone can get benefits.

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