Hangars are part of the Metaverse CryptoMines Reborn and will serve to store and park your fleets after their trips and expeditions. Here your workers can gather and take their well-deserved rest until they return to a new exploration.

Hangars will be parking spots for each of your fleets that you must acquire to be able to expand your empire, Hangars will level up allowing you to use more than one Fleet depending on the level of your Hangar. You must acquire a Hangar and level it up for each fleet you want to use in your account, without them, they will not be able to go on expeditions.

That is to say, if you have 10 fleets you will need a Level 10 Hangar. The cost of buying your Hangar will be 25 WCRUX (Skylight set at 2$), each subsequent level of your Hangar will cost 20 WCRUX.

The maximum level of the Hangar per account is 20.

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