Security Booster

When mining planets, fleets have a fixed mining success percentage that varies depending on the planet they are mining and the Fleet Rank.

In order to provide security to the Federation, the Coalition offers a security detachment that increases the fleet mining success at the cost of a percentage of the earnings plus the cost of the booster itself.

The Coalition only takes the earning percentage if the mining operation is successful.

The following table shows the services provided:

Security LevelMining success bonusEstimated Earning percentage










The booster cost is variable depending on the Mine Power of the fleet that acquires it, these costs are as follows:

Less than 499 MP: 0.0025 BNB per level

★★ Between 500 MP to 1999 MP: 0.0045 BNB per level

★★★ Greater than 2000 MP: 0.0075 BNB per level

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