They are NFTs created from the combination of your Workers and Ships. You can add NFTs to these fleets, or disassemble them entirely, recovering all your workers and ships individually again. However, you will not be able to individually remove workers/ships, we recommend creating your fleet with a strategy in mind!

Your fleets will have different attributes, among them Name, Fuel, Mining Power, Fleet Rank, Fleet Level, Fleet Contract, Durability, Faction, and Fleet Skin.

Your fleets will not be able to be disarmed if they are contracted, exhausted, or in need of repair. Remember that when you disarm your fleet, all its levels and attributes will be lost.

Adding more assets to a fleet (workers or spaceships) has a cost of 0.5 WCRUX (Skylight set at 2$) per NFT.

Expanding your fleet, transferring it, or selling your fleet in the Marketplace is only possible if the fleet is 100% repaired.

Each fleet can individually attend a single expedition every day after which it will be left exhausted and will only be able to mine again once it has rested, this happens every day at 00:00 UTC.

All fleets mine individually without affecting the other. i.e. if you have 5 fleets and a level 5 Hangar, you will be able to mine 5 times the Planet of your choice (once per fleet).

Fleets can only be transferred once every 15 days.

When using WCRUX in-game, the locked in-game WCRUX will always be used first.

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