The official CryptoMines Reborn Exchange was developed internally so that players can find it within the same website of the game and ensures the safety of all our players when exchanging their CRUX to WCRUX or vice-versa.

Remember to make these exchanges through official and secure means as it is the responsibility of each user to keep their account and tokens safe. CryptoMines Reborn is not responsible.

You can access our exchanges through the following link:


  • If your tax is 0%, when exchanging $CRUX to WCRUX you will set a sales tax of 75% when trying to sell WCRUX to $CRUX. Otherwise, your timer will keep going down.

  • A timer for your early claim tax is set at 75% and decreases by 5% daily once you sell WCRUX to $CRUX.

  • Once you change your Dark Matter to WCRUX your early claim tax will be set at 25% and decreases by 5% daily.

  • Claiming the vault from the Marketplace at 0% tax will set it back to 75%.

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