The claiming of your rewards is an important mechanic for the development of all Play-To-Earn games which directly affects the feeling of how the market behaves for the players, for this we have developed a claiming methodology that allows the players to play, repair, and refill their fuel expenses with their own earnings inside of the Game.

Every Fleet can claim ALL of its rewards as long as the fleet is COMPLETELY repaired.

Repairing costs for unclaimed Rewards

In order to allow our players to use their funds in continuing their expeditions through the Metaverse, we added the option to expend your unclaimed rewards in repairing your fleet, this will allow the unclaimed funds to be useful to keep your fleet in optimal conditions to get more WCRUX.

If you have a fleet with 98% durability, and your unclaimed funds are higher than the repair cost, all excess WCRUX will be added as WCRUX balance.

Conversion Rate for repairs with unclaimed (skylight set at 8$): 67.87 Stardust per CRUX.

This allows a better distribution when obtaining WCRUX and thus maintaining stability within the CryptoMines Reborn Metaverse.

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