Fleet Staking

This option will allow players to stake their CryptoMines Legacy fleets in exchange for rewards in $CRUX, the duration of this staking after registration is over is a period of 6 months.

Requirements: Collateral in $CRUX, Collateral in Dark Matter will be required along with CryptoMines Legacy fleets.

The in-game WCRUX stake rewards can be accumulated or withdrawn on a daily basis and will start to be delivered after the end of the registration phase.

Your investment in Collateral Dark Matter will be returned to you in-game and can only be used within CryptoMines Reborn.

How much do I need to invest to register my old CryptoMines Legacy fleets in the stake?

The investment in the Stake will depend on the total amount of Mine Power of the staked fleet. You must remember that having enough available $CRUX and Dark Matter at the moment of registration is crucial.

Can I choose which fleets to register in the stake?

If you decide to register your CryptoMines Legacy Fleets, the stake takes into account the total Mine Power of the selected fleets at the time of registration and burns them. All fleets will be able to participate, without any restrictions.

What will happen to the old CryptoMines Legacy fleets if I decide not to stake them?

CryptoMines Legacy fleets are in a different Metaverse than CryptoMines Reborn, therefore, they can only be guaranteed to be used in the stake.

How long will the CryptoMines Legacy Fleet Registration Phase last?

The registration period for your fleets will last 7 days after opening.

How much will the stake generate in Rewards?

First of all, it is not possible to make a completely accurate assessment of the rewards until the stake registration phase is over, however, we want you to have the formula and enough information to make educated decisions. You will also be able to see the estimated values of rewards at the moment of your registration in the Stake (remember that as more people register, values may change).

Stake cost = Dark Matter Collateral + $CRUX Collateral + Fleets.

Stake rewards = 500,000 $CRUX also called Extra rewards + Total amount of collateral of $CRUX contributed by all players.

Extra rewards = 500,000 $CRUX assigned to the stake by the developers.

Daily Profit in $CRUX = (Rewards in Pool * ((User Staked Crux) / (Rewards in Pool - Extra Rewards))) / Stake Days

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